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Varsity Girls Basketball loses to Air Academy

This Thursday night, January 12th, the Littleton High School Varsity Girls Basketball team played terrifically against Air Academy, the number 1 team in 4a. The North Gym was filled with many Littleton fans eager to support the Lions. The girls played hard the whole game, never letting the numbers on the scoreboard get to their heads. Despite the determination that was seen on the court, the Lions faced a tough loss of 22-56.

“I think we did well moving the ball around and running certain things,” said sophomore Ashton Haddock.

The Lions also showed tremendous amounts of force and assertiveness on the court.

Tonight as a team I think we did well on defense, and not allowing the other team in the paint,” said senior JLa Ervin.  

40 seconds after the jump ball took place, a two pointer was scored from Air Academy. The baskets continued from AA throughout the first quarter. LHS made it on the board with a shot by junior Hannah Peterson. The 1st quarter ended with a score of 4-21. The 2nd quarter began positively with a 2 pointer by Haddock, followed about two minutes later with a timeout by the Lions. Nearly at the end of the 2nd quarter, Ervin brought the score up to 13-37 with a 3 pointer. Halftime went, and the 3rd quarter came, finishing at 15-52. 

My favorite part of the game was watching our post player Hanna Peterson nail down a three in the last half,” said Ervin.

The 4th quarter by far was where the Lions played their hardest, and showed AA what they were made of.

My favorite part of the game was when we got back in the fourth quarter and played hard,” said junior Brooke Wolanin.

Besides the loss of 22-56, team members shared that they gained a lot from playing against such a strong team.

My favorite part was getting to play against a talented team, they really helped us improve as players I thing,” said Haddock.

Tonight the competition was great… it definitely gave us a taste of what’s coming in the future. They definitely taught us a lot of things that we can learn from and get better as we go,” said Haddock.

Although in the scheme of things, losing may seem like a complete downfall, the team got to experience what it was like playing against one of the strongest teams in the state and their performance was improved.

“The competition was hard when playing the #1 team in 4a… we could have played our game… we know we could. We definitely could have stayed with them,” said Wolanin.