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Littleton Lion wrestlers take on Evergreen cougars

In their tenth match of the season, the Littleton Lions coached by Joe Moore took on the Evergreen Cougars at home. The matches started slow but ended with action, as junior Eli Gonzales threw his opponent down to the mat to finish the match with a head lock in the first round.

After that exciting match the crowd was roaring as freshmen Karsten Beich finished his opponent off with a cradle. Paul Ford and Nolan Kueny was came out with a victory, but unfortunately their efforts weren’t enough to make a comeback and the Lions lost a tough one against the Cougars.

”We’ve grown in numbers, we’ve gotten better at our techniques, we’re taking better shots that create opportunity. We just need to focus on the ground,” said Eli Gonzales.

Littleton Wrestlers will play in their next home match against the Heritage eagles on January 18 at 6 pm.