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Girls’ swimming places in relay meet

Last weekend, the Littleton Lady Lion Fish swam very well at the Relay Meet held at Carmody Recreational Center, with many relays placing and improving their times.

The 500 relay placed 4th, made up of Makayla Franklin, Gwen Fitzsimmons, Grace Amine and Shannon Connor.

“I think we did well in this race because we all added different strengths to the relay and it was really when all of our adrenaline was up, ” said junior Makayla Franklin.

The 200 Fly relay also placed 4th and consisted of Sophie Groustra, Morgan Sholes, Delia Leonard and Makayla Franklin.

The Fly-Free relay was also successful, where LHS gained several personal records for both individuals and relays.

“We were so successful because we have such a good coach who makes us actually want to swim and who always encourages us int he best way. Also, everyone on the team is really into cheering on every team member which swimming even more fun,” said senior Sophie Groustra.