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LHS Alumni makes USA Ultimate U24 Women’s National team

LHS graduate Kiera Lindgren recently became a part of the USA Ultimate U24 Women’s national team that will compete internationally.

Within the US delegation, there are 3 teams: Men’s, Women’s, and mixed. There are 24 players on the Women’s team, all 24 or younger.

The process for being accepted onto the national team requires a serious time commitment and the submission of an application with a player reference. Kiera Lindgren was one of the 74 who made a team out of the 550 players who applied.

Lindgren has lots of experience playing Ultimate, starting at Littleton High School.

“I started playing Ultimate the spring of my sophomore year at Littleton, so I’ve been playing for 6 years now. I was looking for something to play in the spring and one of my basketball friends convinced me to join the frisbee team. I loved it and was hooked,” said Lindgren.

The U24 team will compete against other U24 Women’s national teams from various countries. In addition, the team will compete in the U24 World Championships in Heidelberg, Germany this July. The team will train in the US and Germany to prepare for the week-long tournament.

Although the national teams are very competitive, Lindgren says that she has found a great community through Ultimate.

“I play Ultimate because of the community. The Ultimate community is really special, it’s so supportive and inclusive and is unlike any other sport I’ve played. So much of my support system and community is thanks to Ultimate. I’d like to play or be involved in some capacity for the rest of my life,” said Lindgren.