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The Hate U Give inspires LHS sophomores

On January 16 in the LHS forum, LA 10 students gathered to watch The Hate U Give. The sophomores recently read the book by Angie Thomas, which is about finding your voice and standing up for yourself in a world that doesn’t approve of you. This novel empowered teachers and students to have a big movie day in the forum during 6th and 8th period.

“It started in my class, first period with Ms. Fritz. [Someone] suggested that we should watch the movie on the computer and that didn’t work out, so we got the movie, and now we’re watching it,” said sophomore Eypion Lobett.

This book really made everyone feel something, and having this big movie day event was a great way to tie all these feelings and the meanings of this novel together.

“It made me… angry, the fact that all this is still going on today. Like, we’re supposed to be better than this. The moral of the book is about standing up for yourself and others, which is a good message that should be happening more often,” said Lobett.

Throughout the story, there is injustice and cruelty based purely upon appearances and stereotypes. This really strengthens the importance of self-advocacy, no matter where you are or who you are with. Making a big deal of this movie and putting it on in the forum was a good way to highlight this, as well as other big, important issues happening in the world.