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Speech and Debate Tournament

This past Friday the 19 and Saturday the 20th of January, LHS students got off to a good start in the Colorado Cup competition at Mullen High School.

Julia Valdez placed 1st in poetry, Maddie Engeman earned 7th in Informative speaking, Natalie Parkhurst took 6th in Humor, Kait Schultz placed 7th in drama, Hannah Pederson made 5th in LD Debate, Rudi Cayou placed 7th in poetry, and Ben and Grace Greenly made 7th in duo.

“I think Littleton did really well! Mullen is a really long tournament with potentially six rounds in total and hard competition, so the fact that we had people breaking semi-finals was awesome,” said junior Natalie Parkhurst.

This was the second competition of the spring semester and a strong start to the spring season.