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Boys Basketball nearly beats Standley Lake

On Wednesday night, January 23, the Littleton High School Varsity Boys basketball team played exceptionally well against Standley Lake High School. The score ended with 53-59, the Lions trailing behind with a tough loss of only 6 points. Eager to see LHS crush it at home, the north gym was huddled with fans cheering and stomping on the bleachers in support of the Lions.  

“We played really well, they just outlasted us, and we made a few small mistakes that led to us losing,” said sophomore Reid Fornstrom.

The Lions began the game positively, with junior Tayvis Sagrillo Smiley winning the jump ball and passing it to Fornstrom. The first point scored by the Lions was at 6:15, being a 2 pointer by Smiley. The Lions continued with an upward trend when senior Logan Leimeister successfully scored 2 points on a free throw at 5:38. The powerful start was not over from there when Smiley had a great play pushing the ball down the court juking out his opponents, allowing for a 2 pointer. At 1:19, the score was brought up to a tie, that being 6 points all around. A few more points were made by either side, leaving the final score of the first quarter at 9-10.

Leading into the 2nd quarter, one of the first shots made by LHS was by senior Matt Friedberg, scoring 1 point in a free throw at 5:45, followed under a minute later with a 3 pointer by junior Kai Bertram. The 2nd quarter concluded with the scoreboard reading 20-23. In relation to the 1st quarter, the 3rd quarter began with a push from the Lions at only 7 seconds when a shot was made. The 3rd quarter ended 33-38.

Going into the final quarter, points were rising quickly from both sides. Smiley had a great dunk at just over 7:25, gaining two points for the Lions. Later into the quarter, Bertram had an excellent streak of two 3 pointers, and one 2 pointer, allowing the Lions to lead by 43-41. The Gators point count continuously kept going up, and they were leading towards the end of the game. The Lions did not go down without a fight however, being points were continuously being shot with only 3:16 minutes left. Those scores being from Smiley with a 2 pointer, Leimeister with a 2 pointer, Friedberg shooting a 2 pointer at 1:13, and Smiley scoring 2 more points with only 46 seconds left.

Despite the effort put forth, especially in such a small amount of time left, the boys’ basketball team, unfortunately, faced a loss. The game was very close, and the Lions played very well.