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College Information Night

Every Year at Littleton High School Post Grad puts on a college information night for sophomores and juniors. This year it is happening on Tuesday, January 29th. This night helps to inform prospective college bound students about all the necessities of picking the perfect college for them.

“I think for parents especially if this is their first student going to college, this will answer a lot of questions about the timeline for them.  I think that is probably the scariest part for parents is what needs to be done and I think there is a little bit of that for students, but I think for students it helps them get a little more organized especially junior and senior year,” said Suzanne Mountfort, a Post-Grad Specialist.

There were multiple different breakout meetings for getting more information on specialized areas. The topics include Financial Aid 101, Generating Your college List, College Entrance Exams & Resources, Parents’ Role in the Application Process, The Common Application, Completing the Free Application For Federal Student Aid, and Writing your College Essay and Parent to Parent: College Funding Strategies and Hacks.  

LHS has hosted this event for over ten years now and they will continue to do so in the future. This event has proven helpful for many students looking into college.

“This night was really helpful to me because I didn’t even know where to begin. Now I know how to start looking and who to ask for help. I’m also excited to start looking at what I might do in the future. It was also good to see what I need to do to save up and ways to do that,” said junior Erin Green.

One of the main questions asked by many students is, when are you supposed to start looking at colleges?

“When you are in ninth grade it’s way too out there and far away and tenth grade maybe start looking, but by having the college night mainly for juniors, we take a lot of stress away from the student and parents,” said Mountfort.

The college information night seems to really help start the college process and by having it available every year it gives students the opportunity to learn more information about their future.