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Costa Rican exchange students visit LHS

January 9 through January 26, LHS students hosted 25 Costa Rican students. Each week while the host students were in the classes all the “ticos” would go and explore some popular spots in Colorado.

The Costa Rican students would get to do whatever they wanted once they were out of school and back with their host families. Lots of the host students and Costa Ricans would use that time to all get-together. There were lots of group activities planned throughout the week. There was always something going on and rarely any relaxation time.

During their visit, many Costa Ricans saw snow for the first time. The second Saturday of the trip was spent on a tubing/skiing trip. Most of the Costa Ricans had never skied before.

“At first they loved the snow but after the second or third snow they were sick of it,” said senior Charlie Downing.

This experience didn’t just give the Costa Rican students a great experience, it also gave all the host students have a great experience. Lots of the time was spent planning activities to do all together so it brought the host students together as well. Host students also gained lifetime friends through hosting.

“It was amazing. It was like I got to live with my best friend for 2 weeks and spend every day doing something fun with them and all the Costa Ricans,” said Downing.

Once the ticos left Colorado, many host students already started planning a trip back to Costa Rica. Everyone got so close that no one wanted to wait long to see them again.

“We are already talking about going back to Costa Rica to visit, and I still snapchat so many of them from the original Costa Rica trip,” said junior Holly Rossman.