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LHS students excel at All-State Choir

This Thursday, four LHS choir students attended the prestigious Colorado All-State Choir Festival.

Colorado All-State Choir is an exclusive group of choirs made up of the best choir students in Colorado.

“All state Choir is… the top choral group you can audition for and be involved in at the state level. So there’s about 2500 kids from throughout the state who audition, and there’s about 440-500 kids that actually make the choirs,” said Jim Farrell, choir teacher at LHS.

Seniors Justin Snyder, Katherine Gilmour, Midori McCarthy and junior Beth Rossman were invited to attend the festival after being selected through rigorous auditioning.

They will each be performing in a choir of all men, all women, or a mixed group.

This Thursday was the first of three days the students will be practicing with their choirs before they perform at 4:00 on Saturday at the Buell Theatre at the Denver Performing Arts Complex.

“On Thursday they have to go back for a second audition to make sure that they’ve prepared their music, and then they will rehearse Thursday night, all day Friday, all day Saturday, until the performance at 4:00 on Saturday, February 2nd at the Temple Buell Theater downtown,”  said Farrell.

Qualifying for All-State choir is quite impressive, considering the large number of students that audition.

“These are the top kids in the state in the choir programs from all over, and there are tens of thousands of students across the state singing in the choir. So to be part of that, the top 500, is pretty awesome,” said Farrell.