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Littleton Girls Basketball loses against Evergreen

In a tough game played well by both sides, the home game for the Littleton Lions was lost against the Evergreen Cougars 54-19.

With a huge crowd present, the Lady Lions were encouraged and motivated, pumping each other up for the challenge that laid ahead. The team’s expectations were high since Littleton had previously defeated Evergreen during their preseason.

The crowd began to roar as the game began, but the intensity and aggression Evergreen had was very high.

First quarter initiated and without much time passing, #34 from the other team seemed to score the first 5 points of the match. Evergreen began to gain momentum, sinking shots time and time again.

Though this continued for the entire beginning of the game, the Littleton Lions kept their heads up, fueling themselves with their own positivity and chants of the supporters.

“I knew before that this was going to be a hard game, Evergreen is one of the best teams in 4A and we all knew we needed to play hard to have a chance,” said senior Sydney Elder.

The second quarter began and it was already 5-26.

The Lions knew that they would face a tough competitor, and their patience was tested as the match continued with Evergreen scoring multiple shots, and draining some 3 pointers.

“I think we do need to practice our composure, we tend to panic when the other team starts hitting shots. We need to practice keeping calm and not rushing things cause that usually leads to turnovers,” said Elder.

The game progressed into a more physically aggressive game, making it so that both teams felt frustrated. The Lions began to get in their heads, and the scoreboard continued to favor Evergreen.

“I think that something we could work on is having more energy or maybe growing a couple more inches,” said junior Ellie Fuchs.

The 3rd quarter was a time for a comeback and more coordination with the Lion girls who found themselves needing to step up their game.

Captain Sydney Elder repeatedly scored, bringing the spirits back up for the team and spectators. Though the Lions worked hard, Evergreen took the win in this home game.

“From the start, I think that this was gonna be a challenging game. Evergreen is super good and one of our coaches wasn’t there and Susie wasn’t there also,” said Fuchs.

With one of their main players missing and one of their coaches being absent, Littleton realized that their expectations of a tough game had become a reality.

“I’m actually proud of my team. I know the score didn’t reflect this, but everyone played hard and we were missing our point guard, so I was proud of my team for stepping up to the challenge without her. We definitely could have played better but I’m still proud of the effort we gave,” said Elder.

The Littleton Lions played hard, and as their finale to the season approaches, will expect to have their coach and Captain back soon to finish strong.