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Wrestlers enter final stretch of their season with a win against Stanley Lake

Littleton wrestlers are now entering the final stretch of their season. The duels on January 31 kicked off their entrance into the end game.

“After this, if we make regionals and state we can have 15-30 matches left,” said sophomore Emerson Smith.

On Thursday the team wrestled against Stanley Lake. Down 24-30, Nick Deshon stood up for his turn to wrestle.

“I’m not as conditioned as I used to be, I don’t eat as much as I used to and when I do the food isn’t good for me,” said Deshon.

His dietary issues didn’t weigh him down as much as he suspected when he pinned the Stanley Lake wrestler after 3 rounds.

“I went out there gave it my all turned it around now I have a 500 record. It really was one of my worse matches,” said Deshon.

He is now 9 and 9 on the season and the team won the match after two more wins from Kai Saito and a DQ win from Haidan Marchetti-Williams.