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Opinion: Lion Statue

To any of you who were at Littleton last school year, you remember the lion statue; the 6-foot, full-color masterpiece on display in the front entrance. It was such a memorable, eye-catching sculpture. But it isn’t there anymore; it’s been replaced with a collage of photographs. The photo wall looks great, but the lion statue deserves to be on display, even if not in the front entrance.

It deserves to be displayed because it was made by a student who went to LHS. One student built the whole sculpture as a tribute to the school. However, it was only on display for a few years. Such a unique masterpiece deserves to be on display, not in storage. We also don’t actually have that much art displayed that portrays our school’s mascot; in contrast, Heritage has an eagle statue displayed out front! Having a statue on display shows pride and reminds visitors of the school’s self-identity.

Another reason the statue should be put back up is that it was one of the few art pieces in LHS that weren’t ‘controversial’. Many students here have extreme opinions on murals that decorate our halls, and they love to be vocal about them. Of course, they do; good art starts conversations. Take the Malala mural from last year that got covered up; some kids were glad it was gone, and some were enraged. But the lion statue never had heated debates going on around it; most everyone agreed it was fit.

Here is an obvious solution: put the statue back up. Maybe not in the front entrance, but somewhere where people can still admire it. Surely it couldn’t hurt.