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Girls Basketball Senior night defeat

On Tuesday, February 12, the Littleton girls basketball team faced opponents from Standley Lake high school for Senior night. The Standley Lake Gators and the Lions both fought to win, but in the end, the Lions lost 46-41.

Before the game started, seniors were recognized. Their contributions to the team were acknowledged and they also shared a special moment from the season with the audience. Senior Captains J’la Ervin, Sydney Elder, and manager Samantha Axtman were recognized.
“I didn’t really realize how fast this season has gone by, it’s crazy how I’m playing my last games at Littleton,” said Elder.

The first quarter started and the ball was on our defensive court. The Gators were able to get past the defense a few times and they scored a few points. The Littleton girls stepped up and were able to block multiple shots from the opposing. The girls were then able to catch up with a few points, in the end, making the final score for the quarter 7-13.

In the second quarter, the game became more intense as the Lions took more chances and shots. Ervin stole the ball and took it to the offensive side of the court, and while she did not make a shot, she was still able to get a foul on the team and got the audience riled up and ready to cheer. With the audiences’ increased spirit, the girls became more motivated and improved their teamwork for the quarter. The score was now 20-23.

“I think the season has had a lot of growing opportunities and success. I’m proud of us and how much we have improved over the season,” said Junior Brooke Wolanin

Poms performing during halftime.

For the third and fourth quarters, both teams fought for the win. There were multiple fouls on both teams. Lion supporters took their school spirit to new levels and they were able to shake up the Standley Lake Gators. The Lions were able to score 12 points in the final quarter but in the end, they fell short a few points, making the final score for the game 41-46.

“Both teams fought really hard for the win, but Standley came out on top,” said Elder.

The girls will be playing their next game in preparation for playoffs tonight at Thomas Jefferson high school at 7 pm.