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Littletons Newest Jewish Student Connection Club

Disclaimer: You do not have to be Jewish to participate.

This year, Littleton High School has introduced a new club for students to join. Ran by Jillian Feiger and LHS teacher Mr. Garner, this club aspires to unite people despite some of their differences and to celebrate connections among people of separate cultures.

“Jewish club at Littleton High School was started by students and parents wanting there to be a space for students to learn and enjoy the Jewish culture and Israel. Jewish Student Connection is a program of JewishColorado that runs Jewish clubs in public high schools,” said Feiger.

Whether you’re coming for the snacks, or simply to meet new people, everyone is welcome at Jewish Student Connection. If there is a holiday or an occasion to get together, that can be what the meeting will be oriented around. Also, requests can be made for the topics to discuss.

“I loved when we celebrated Hanukkah. We played trivia, spun some dreidels, and ate gelt,” said sophomore Leah Cohen.

If you do not identify as Jewish or even religious, anyone is free to learn and immerse themselves in a unique point of view. Besides, who wouldn’t want a free bagel?

“Jewish club is for everyone. It is a non-religious club that focuses on the values and culture of Judaism and Israel. It is a place where everyone can come learn about Jewish holidays, make and taste Israeli foods, play trivia games, enjoy time with friends, and have a good time with a nice community of people, ” said Feiger.

Many clubs at Littleton High School are sprouted out of interests and favored hobbies, but the Jewish Student Connection club involves all of that and so much more.

They meet every other Thursday, in room 1798 at 7:45 am. Feel more than welcome to stop by.