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“Little Women” LHS Musical Bound to Impress

The actors, the lights, the crowd and all of the hardwork has paid off for the LHS cast members of the show, “Little Women” and their free preview tonight.

The musical is based upon a story of four sisters who are growing up during the Civil War. One of the sisters is vastly different from the others in her social beliefs and morals. Jo, who is the main character/sister, is independent and dissociated with cultural norms.

Jo’s way of thinking and straight forward attitude will surely captivate the audience as soon as they meet her.

The musical will satisfy a variety of tastes. It will lead anyone into laughter, drama, gasps and awe.

“There’s really something for everyone. I think anyone can find a character to relate to, and the story is very timeless and heartwarming,” said junior Bella Hathorne.

Hathorne is playing the role of Jo, the second oldest sister. The viewers soon find that she is against social pressures to conform to the idea of an accomplished woman through her continuous pursuit to write.

“We’ve been working nonstop since break,” said Hathorne.

“Little Women” has various unexpected moments and the plot twists were unanticipated, keeping the audience on their toes the entire time. The performances done by the actors on stage were polished and triggered much emotion in the spectators.

LHS actors, tech, and pit brought a twist to the original story, making it that much more enjoyable.

“All the actors bring a new and interesting twist to this classic story, and people of all ages can enjoy the heartwarming story,” said junior Clara Sjoberg.

Sjoberg plays the character of Meg. She is one of the sisters and is a hopeless romantic, but she also keeps her elegance and her big heart for her sisters.

“We had less time than usual to put this show on but the hard work everyone put in on the evenings, weekends and even days off have really brought this show to another level,” said Sjoberg.

The actors, pit and tech invite everyone to come and see the hard work put into the creation of this interpretation and twist to the original musical.

As Wednesday was preview night, there are only four more shows left.

Come watch “Little Women” by LHS on Thursday and Friday at 7 pm, along with two shows on Saturday at 1 and 6 pm.