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Varsity Girls Soccer Wins First Game of the Season

The weather was beyond normal cool temperatures and the night slowly got cooler, but LHS scored 2-0 on Denver South throughout the course of the night in the first official game of the season.

The excitement was in the air as both teams got on the field and waited for the whistle of the referee to initiate the game. The game began and the intensity was already very high because of Littleton’s intensity.

The starting line up for LHS began to create plays that were fast-paced and caught South off guard. Littleton continued to play with impressive vision of the field and consistent movement on and off the ball.

“I think the game went great yesterday. Our team did really well. We dominated the field most of the time,” said senior Susana Naw.

One of the first goal scoring opportunities was for junior Lauren Law. As she confronted Denver South’s goalie one on one, Law attempted to beat the goalie for the ball which could have resulted in an early goal. Law twisted her ankle and was out for the rest of the game with a medium-severe sprain which she will be recovering from.

This did not stop LHS, as it made the girls on the field that much more hungry to score for their teammate.

LHS’ persistent pace of game enabled senior Lizzy Hernandez to take a shot that would ultimately set the scoreboard in favor of Littleton. A shot for the left upper corner made the crowd go wild.

Lizzy dribbled the ball and then quickly shot high enough where the goalie just missed it. This immediately became the cornerstone of a far more intense game than it had been in the beginning.


Senior celebrates after scoring her second goal of the game

As the game continued, the temperatures dropped and Littleton continued to play hard.

Once first half ended, the score remained 1-0 with great effort from both teams, but Littleton playing quickly to outwork South.

The beginning of the second half was as exciting and high pressure as the first. Both teams continued to have body to body contact, yet Littleton remained with most possession of the ball.

Soon after, junior Ellery Tripp was out with a twisted ankle which was previously sensitive due to injury. Immediately adjustments were made to keep forward with the game.

The final 20 minutes were approaching and Susie Puchino shot once, and hit the post. Then she hit again, and it hit the post again, with no goal being scored.

Junior Susie Puchino chases the ball

Continuing on with the game, Hernandez once again dribbled through three and shot for another goal that ultimately gave the Lions a 2-0 victory over Denver South.

As their first game of the season, hopes are high they will continue to do well.

Junior Hanna Salz dribbles the ball

“I think the rest of the season is going to be great. We have a good team. We love soccer and we love competing,” said Naw.