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LHS Student Wins Art Scholarship

Monday, the 25th of February, LHS sophomore Emily Christian was awarded 1st place and a scholarship in the Catalyst Collective art exhibition.

The art show, held by Catalyst Collective Colorado in Aurora, challenged high schoolers to submit pieces of art that conveyed a unique message about suicide.

Emily brought home 1st prize and a $500 scholarship for her outstanding work of art titled “Guardian Angel”.

The president of Catalyst, Dominique Condevaux, even got permission from Christian to auction the piece off in September. Christian also gave permission to Catalyst Collective to reproduce the image on products.

CBS Local covered the art show on TV.

“It was cool to get recognized for something I like doing,” said Emily.

Colorado Catalyst Collective is a charity committed to suicide prevention. High school students from all over Colorado were invited to participate in the competition. Their mission, stated on their website, is to “…engage people experiencing suicidal thoughts and behaviors through proper assessment to connect them with valuable resources to reduce risk.”