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Stranger Things leaves us wondering about the new season

Earlier today the newest trailer for the much anticipated, Stranger Things 3, was released. Netflix started to tease the new season as early as October, then it was revealed that the new season would be released on the Fourth of July. Up until today, they had posted various short trailers in an attempt to give us details about the new season.

Today’s trailer was full length and gave me all the information I had been craving. The kids are growing older, and it shows. In this season the entire “party” will be together, including Max and Eleven who hardly interacted in season two.

With the ending of season two being pretty vague, no one was sure if we’d see a Demogorgon or a demodog in the upcoming season. At the end of the trailer, it reveals something, but I’m not quite sure what. It’s clearly a descendant of the past creatures, but this time it’s bigger and looks way more terrifying than the others.

I have high hopes for this upcoming season, and the trailer shows promise. With scarier episodes and more content from the lovable cast, I am thrilled to see the new season. There are still a couple more months until July but the trailer will hopefully hold me off until then.