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Captain Marvel – expect the expected

March 8, 2019, was the release date for the newest Marvel movie, Captain Marvel.

Marvel fans across the galaxies waited eagerly to see this cinematic marvel starring the first main female hero to get her own solo movie with the Marvel company, and it did not disappoint (mostly).

The editing and effects were amazing, and transported viewers into another world. There were some subtle ties into other Marvel movies, and some beginning questions were explained.

    Despite the job done explaining, there were a few issues. The plot had a few holes, and it was extremely predictable, following the same storyline as many other action movies. The climax was hardly shocking. The most surprising thing in the entire movie was the way Nicholas Fury loses his eye, and the many “twists” were expected.

    The filming was excellent and the camera was used well, but the predictable and holey plot brings the movie to a 7/10 rating.