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New Leonardo da Vinci Exhibit Opens in Denver

Along with creating paintings such as The Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, Leonardo da Vinci was an inventor, engineer, anatomist, sculptor, architect, and even a musician. Many of his ideas in these areas are showcased in the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science which opened up in early March.

Walking into the exhibit, viewers are welcomed with replicas of some of the pages from his codices, the journals in which he wrote all of his ideas and discoveries. Then, viewers move from the first room into the main area. This area features life-sized models of some of da Vinci’s creations such as his flying machine and tank remade by some of Italy’s best artisans. Here replicas of some of his famous paintings can also be seen as well as an entire section dedicated to the secrets behind the Mona Lisa.

Though this exhibit doesn’t have da Vinci’s actual works, it is an amazing experience. In addition to seeing these amazing works of art, the exhibit also has many activities such as drawing a self-portrait. These activities are fun however there are often large lines and long waits that are included as well taking away from some of the experience.

Overall, the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a really fun experience. Tickets are only $6-$9 and the exhibit is open until August 25 so there’s plenty of time to check it out over the summer.