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Arapahoe holds suicide awareness raising walk

On April 14th, a sunny day marking the true departure from winter, Arapahoe High School hosted their fitting “Out of the Darkness Walk” for suicide prevention. As much to raise awareness as to raise money students, alumni, parents and the Arapahoe neighborhood did laps on the streets surrounding the school. The event was put on by a combination of the Arapahoe DECA chapter as an end of year project, it gained traction when the students reached out to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and was well funded by surrounding business and parent donations.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has been involved recently with Arapahoe assisting with presentations to the student body raising awareness as well as community building exercises inside the school.

“I think it helps to bring us closer together as a community… every one knows about it and a bunch of other schools are helping,” said Junior Mia Johnston, a member of DECA.

The recovery efforts focus on empathy building and changing culture at Arapahoe as well as raising community awareness of a problem.

“Although theres bad publicity with Arapahoes admin right now, I think all of them care a bunch and they really reach out and all the counselors are much more willing to help… they are a lot nicer and just more together than before,” said Johnston.

The Out of the Darkness Walk is another event in Arapahoes year of healing and reforming after the suicides that shocked the district early in the school year. With attention given from the entire Littleton community the schools have recovered and reformed from everything that struck this year.

Walkers wore blue shirts as they swarmed across the streets