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Rio Grande: a satisfying experience with great food

May 3, 2017 3:23am | Addi Iken

Looking for some good mexican food at a reasonable price? Rio Grande is a very tasty restaurant located near Park Meadows Mall with quite the variety of food choices on the menu. It is also reasonably priced considering it does sit on the border between […]

Corn pudding: the perfect side to any meal

May 1, 2017 4:00am | Sanjali De Silva

Corn pudding is a delicious mix of corn muffin, cheese and corn. What seems like a weird combination will hit the spot like no other. It’s incredibly simple to make and is the perfect addition to any home cooked meal! Ingredients 2 eggs slightly beaten […]

Kong Skull Island Is Just Another Spinoff

April 27, 2017 6:03pm | Sarah Fantle

Kong Skull Island, is the lastest King Kong movie to be released in theaters. It came out March 10th of 2017, and I can say that I am pretty un-impressed by the movie. It was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts and stared some pretty famous actors […]

Head on over to the “Dolla” Tree

April 26, 2017 4:41am | Josh Forbes

Are there ever times throughout high school where you don’t like spending a lot of money? Well, luckily enough, there is a solution to that which will help you save a few bucks. The dollar tree. The dollar tree may be thought of as only […]

Does the unicorn frappuccino live up to all of it’s hype?

April 23, 2017 11:11pm | Ashlyn Moore

Starting this week, participating Starbucks stores have released a new, limited time frappuccino called the Unicorn Frappuccino. The drink is a purple and blue frappuccino that certainly lives up to the expectations of it’s name. The drink might be appealing because of it’s popping colors, […]

New restaurant established in Downtown Littleton

April 19, 2017 5:38pm | Abby Moses

Encased with mountain style Mexican food, The Alley is a brand new restaurant recently established in Downtown Littleton. Their focus is to bring in this new style that can only be found in Colorado. It offers a variety of Mexican foods, including different types of […]

The Fault in Our Everything?

April 13, 2017 2:21am | Sanjali De Silva

The Fault in Our Everything? Before the movie and for the first two thirds of the movie I kept having to remind myself that this was a different movie than the Fault in Our Stars. Both stories telling the stories of sickly teens defying all […]

Boss Baby: A hilarious new movie

April 10, 2017 4:53pm | Addi Iken

Bored? Feeling stressed out and need a good laugh? Looking for a good movie to go to that younger children could attend as well? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions, the recent movie Boss Baby starring Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow, and […]

Max Bouratoglou’s new album “Idle Intuition”

April 9, 2017 10:12pm | Colin McCormick

Max Bouratoglou is a 16-year-old from the Bronx in New York City. His new album “Idle Intuition” is an uptempo, lyrical album that is less pop in the mainstream sense and more indie-alternative-country. Some of the songs felt a bit similar and repetitive, but songs […]

Healthy yet tasty kale pasta

April 9, 2017 9:56pm | Stefanie Frederickson

Kale pasta?? What! This might sound healthy and unappealing, but it is actually very good and easy to make. I personally am not a fan of kale, but when it is cooked with the pasta, the combo works really well as a healthy, appetizing meal. […]