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Homecoming 2018

Great turnout at the 2018 homecoming dance

September 23, 2018 8:04pm | Megan Montgomery

When people think of the fall, most people might think of the Broncos, pumpkin spice lattes, leaves changing colors or even Halloween or Thanksgiving. While all of those are true, there’s also homecoming, and with homecoming comes the dance. Festivities throughout the week lead up […]

Lion’s Football homecoming game loss against Trojans

September 22, 2018 7:57pm | Ashley Feldman, Nathalia Olvera-Barajas

The Littleton High School stadium began to fill more and more with face painted students and opposing fans to cheer on the LHS football team’s homecoming game on Friday September 21, 2018. Alumni from past classss showed up to support their team as they took […]

The homecoming pep assembly inspires school spirit

September 22, 2018 3:08pm | Abby Sawicki, Alexa Zasuly

The homecoming pep assembly has been a tradition at Littleton High School for many years, and this year is no different. Today, September 21, 2018 was the annual pep assembly. This event went from 2:53-3:31, and included many groups such as football, boys soccer, boys […]

Seniors and juniors tie in powderpuff football

September 21, 2018 11:46am | Samantha Adamson, Morgan Sholes

Powderpuff football is one of main traditions during homecoming week. Homecoming powderpuff football is a girls only activity, similar to the boys volleyball games.  “It gets very competitive, especially in the last years when I played against my sister’s grade with her and all her athletic […]

Casa Bonita Cliff Divers spike the ball to victory

September 20, 2018 5:41am | Alexa Zasuly

Every year during homecoming week LHS holds a boy’s volleyball tournament. This year’s tournament was on Wednesday September 19. There was hard competition with nine teams in the running and an even better fan turnout than last year. Even with the competition high, once again […]

Senior class wins dodgeball tournament

September 19, 2018 7:24pm | Steve Rojas

Homecoming is just around the corner, which means the spirit is on the loose! The hype of all activities such as the bonfire, football game, pep rally and carnival that follows, creates the spirit that helps boost the week to make homecoming the day we all […]

Homecoming bonfire starts week of festivities

September 18, 2018 4:24am | Blake Anderson

The Littleton High School Bonfire has been around since before principal Amy Oaks. The bonfire was this Monday evening, and began at 7:30 pm, directly after parent teacher conferences in the athletic parking lot. This was the first year the teachers and staff were all there. Language Arts […]