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Health class can help students along the way

March 21, 2019 12:20pm | Alexa Zasuly

Here at Littleton High School one of the main graduation requirements for students is a health class whether it is online or during school hours. This is a junior level class according to staff, even though select sophomores take it too. I think, along with […]

Opinion: Lion Statue

February 11, 2019 8:28pm | Annelise Christian

To any of you who were at Littleton last school year, you remember the lion statue; the 6-foot, full-color masterpiece on display in the front entrance. It was such a memorable, eye-catching sculpture. But it isn’t there anymore; it’s been replaced with a collage of […]

Pozole o Menudo? Cual es mejor?

December 20, 2018 2:35am | Miguel Arroyo Arellano

Menudo o pozole por décadas los latinos han tenido el problema de decidir y cuál platio es superior. En mi opinión el pozole es mucho mas mejor que menudo porque con el pozole puedes usar la partes mejores del puerco como las piernas y la […]

Avengers: Endgame trailer is unreasonably ambiguous

December 17, 2018 8:35pm | Ashlyn Moore

The trailer for the much-anticipated fourth Avengers movie was released on December seventh, and it’s taken me quite a bit of time to process it all. It starts with Iron Man awaiting his inevitable death, which is in general, a terrible way to start the […]

What’s wrong with the lack of pockets in girls clothes

December 14, 2018 6:32pm | Abby Sawicki

One of the problems in the world today is the lack of pockets in girls clothing. Some people may find this funny, but it is extremely inconvenient. First, the majority of pants don’t have a single pocket. Jeans either have fake pockets or pockets barely […]

Student perspective: start times

December 11, 2018 8:33pm | Evan Moore

The schedule change from last year to this year has been a large change for many people at Littleton. People have many different ideas about its effectiveness and worth. I would argue to the ends of the earth that the change has been helpful and […]

Political ads suck

November 15, 2018 9:24pm | Evan Moore

Honestly who likes political ads? Nobody likes being interrupted by amendment 17 ads or Jason Crow ads.  Everybody just wants to watch their YouTube video and get on with life. The thing is, no one cares about these ads. They don’t really prove a point […]

Black Friday ruins the holidays for families in retail

November 14, 2018 5:02am | Ashlyn Moore

My parents have worked in retail for nearly my entire life. My mom has worked at The Home Depot since I was a little under a year old and my dad has worked at Target since I was seven. Recently I also got a job […]

Mi experiencia con Mike Coffman

November 6, 2018 8:22pm | Lupita Roman

Fue unas semanas después de la elección. Estaba muy afectada por los resultados y quería hacer algo para cambiar las cosas. Fuera lo que sea, yo quería cambiar algo en una manera. Yo soy indocumentada, sin miedo. Pero antes, yo no le quería decir a […]

Why voting matters

November 3, 2018 2:40am | Hayley Limes

In the recent years, a question that proliferated among many of the younger generation has been “Does my vote really matter?”Many are under the impression that their individual vote will not change the course of elections, which, on the surface is true. Going through the […]