A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Lions' Roar Staff: 2017-2018


Lupita Roman

This is junior Lupita Roman’s first year on staff. She is great at building furniture and loves to draw and paint. Roman plays soccer and listens to J. Cole or Kendrick Lamar to get ready for a game. She would want to possess super speed in order to beat everyone in a race.

Design Editor

Eli Demosthenes

Senior Eli Demosthenes has been design editor for two years. He is frequently consumed in homework and now wears a helmet while doing his work in order to avoid a hard blow to the head that would make him lose track of time. It is in the interest of safety. He also possesses a great ability to spot bears in the wild-quite a helpful trait.


Hannah Sanders

Following her older sister’s legacy, sophomore Hannah Sanders is in her first year on staff as a reporter. Sanders is very involved in the LHS community. She plays ultimate frisbee and basketball. She is also in DECA, student council and KEY Club. The superpower Sanders wishes she had was the power to fly because she would have unlimited freedom and could go anywhere she wanted. In her free time, Sanders loves spending time with her sisters because they always find a way to have a good time together.


Olivia Graham

Sophomore Olivia Graham joined newspaper this year. In addition, she runs cross-country and track. An ode to her love of running, Graham would like to have super speed to get places quickly. She grew up in San Diego, California, a far cry from the Colorado weather. She loves taking photos, spending time with her friends and family, and listening to Florida Georgia Line.

Copy Editor

Ashlyn Moore

Ashlyn Moore is a junior on staff and have been. This is her first year as a copy editor. In LHS, Moore loves and is very involved in color guard. She often finds herself lost in time when she’s practicing because she enjoys it so much. Something she loves to do in her free time is writing stories. Moore also loves all types of music, but her favorite artists are Ed Sheeran and Troye Sivan.


Josh Forbes

Josh Forbes is a senior and is in his second year as a reporter for the newspaper. Being a very theatrical and comedic fellow, he is involved in the Theater Company.  This stems from his love of talking to all people and learning about who they are. Forbes enjoys getting to know anyone around him and could do it for hours without noticing. Forbes plans on minoring in Spanish in college so he can master the language. He wants help in communications, the career he hopes to pursue.


Zachary Maguire

Senior Zach Maguire is new to the staff this year. He also may be the captain of the boys soccer team and is a fantastic hula hooper. He loves history and would want to time travel to see all different time periods and places in the world. Maguire loses track of time watching Netflix or YouTube because as he puts it,”Once you start, you can’t stop and before you realize it, you’ve spent 6 hours watching shows and have not done an ounce of homework.”



Ethan Hanson

Ethan Hanson is a brand new sophomore on the staff. He happily is following in his brother, Eric Hanson’s, footsteps, as he was managing editor. Hanson’s love of music inspired his involvement in LHS, as he is in jazz band, concert band, and pit orchestra. He is also an active member of the student council, garden club, and DECA. Hanson also plays football and lacrosse. However, a super neat hidden talent and interest is slide whistling. Hanson’s clearly loves music, but his favorite is rock, specifically Weezer and The Police.


Sandra Hernandez Tobon

Senior Sandra Tobon is a new member on the staff who mainly focuses on writing Spanish stories. Tobon is very active in the LHS community. She is a FBLA officer and a member of the National Honors Society. She also participates on the girls’ basketball team. Tobon has played the violin for twelve years. Outside of school,she loses track of time is painting her nails. She loves making fancy designs which puts her in the zone. She also wishes she had the ability to become invisible because she thinks it would be cool to be able to blend in and sneak up on people without them noticing.

Online Managing Editor

Stefanie Frederickson

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